Few tips to make you a better Developer/Programmer


I will try to keep this article as short as I can, and at the same time sounds interesting. There are so many developers out there. They all write code to develop/support applications. Some are good at it, some are average, and some are not good at it. It doesn’t really matter which category you are in, you always have room to improve yourself.

Here are some tips for you to become better.

1.       Practice make perfect. Write code whenever you can. The best way to learn newer technology is to use them, and work on them. Reading makes you knowledgeable but using them makes you even better.

2.       Work on open source libraries, read code and try to understand.

3.       Teach others, when they need, show them the right way.

4.       Learn from others as well. It is impossible to know everything, so you can always learn from others.

5.       Follow best practices when coding. This includes following best coding standards and writing readable code. Remember to review your own code before you commit.

6.       Why not make sure the quality code that you written are well maintained. Nowadays many developers write Unit Tests. So I see good developers write Unit Tests to ensure the quality of the code and the product it self.

7.       Developers make mistakes. Even the best developers make mistakes. So do not afraid to make mistakes, and do not afraid to try new things. We all learn from mistakes.

8.       It is always rewarding when you have good code written in an application. So always try your best.

9.       Once you written a piece of code, get someone to check. Do a code review. There is always room for improvement. You see things more with another pare of eyes.

10.   If you learn something new and share with fellow developers. It is a great thing that you share your knowledge.

 Happy programming.

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