Keeping your C# code clean with Regionerate

I came across with this really nice VS add-in called Regionerate, which allows you to group various member types into regions. I’m a fan of keeping code tidy and this add-in really helps me to organise the code.

It works on Visual Studio 2010 and only works with C#.

You can download the Add-In from here.

Once you install this tool, you are ready to use the Regionerate.

You can also change the settings of Regionerate, go to Tools and click Regionerate Settings.

To use the Regionerate, simply use the Ctrl +R. You should see a window with few options as below. Alternatively just right click on Text Editor and select ‘Regionerate this’ from the context menu.



As per the above options, you can create regions based on the member types (I.e public, private, and internal), regionalise by the member name, regionalise by the member type and the member name, order the members without and regions, and remove existing regions etc..

Below is a code sample on selecting the ‘Primary Code Layout’.



I strongly encourage you to have a look at this Add-In as it is very useful.