Few years back, Phil Haack introduced a Routing Debugger. You might have also seen this niceMvc Route Debugger Visualizer.

What I’m about to show you is a really cool tool, which allows you to debug ASP.NET MVC applications. It is called Glimpse. Glimpse includes not only route debugging support but also many other features. As you know Firebug is a debugging tool for client, and Glimpse does it for the server. Glimpse only works with the version MVC3. It can support MVC2, however you need to have MVC3 installed. It should support ASP.NET Web Forms as well but the current release (beta version) has dependencies to MVC.  I haven’t tried the Glimpse Web Forms debugging yet, but it is supported.


PM> Install-Package Glimpse









You can configure Glimpse by navigating to


Below is how you see Glimpse while debugging information.


You can debug : Application settings, routes, session variables, trace data.

If it is an Ajax request, then the server embeds the JSON in the content of the page. And many more…

You can see a nice video and more information here.

So if you haven’t started using this, I suggest you download it, as it will definitely assist your development work!

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